You’re Not Alone

Youre Not Alone

"You’re Not Alone" is our Project AWARE social media campaign to educate our youth in understanding that the words, “Mental Health” are not bad words and it is ok to ask for help.

The focus of the campaign is to reduce the stigma on mental illness and provide suicide preventative measures by encouraging youth to reach out to talk to someone when experiencing feelings of sadness or stress.

The program can be taught to the youth in a one 2- hour setting or broken down into a six- week course taught within classrooms, agencies or in community settings. Combined with Mental Health First Aid training for the community and You’re Not Alone for the youth, the suicide preventive measures taught can assist the youth to reach out to not only help themselves but to help their peers and have the adults trained to assist the youth asking for help.

By reaching the youth and the adults, the community together can reduce the stigma of mental illness and work towards suicide prevention.